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Your Commitment Means Everything to Your Authorized Dealership

WRITTEN BY: Ben Jenkins
DATE: February 10, 2015 at 11:26 AM

In the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, a runner from Great Britain named Roger Banister didn’t win the gold medal he was favored to win. Even though he had set a new British record, his goal was to be in first place. Feeling like he had let down his family, friends and country, he was bent on restoring their faith in him.

Banister then made a decision. He was going to run the mile in under four minutes, something never before done. He spent the next two years training intensely, pushing himself harder than ever before. Finally, on May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister reached his goal and ran a mile in under four minutes, breaking through a barrier many experts thought impossible.

What lesson can we learn from this story? Roger Bannister set a goal, engaged in the right activities, stretched himself, and visualized success. He was committed and it was his determination that drove him to success. The same principle can be applied to many aspects of life, even when it comes to setting up and running a successful Authorized Dealership.

Review these five ways to solidify your commitment to your business:

1. Set Business Goals

Setting an overall business goal is important, but equally as important is setting smaller incremental goals to help you reach that goal. Ask yourself, is this realistic? Is this goal something I can actually achieve? Once you have the goal, share it with your best allies and ask them to help keep you accountable. Then, track, measure and adjust accordingly.

2. Engage in the Right Activities

Doing the right activities is even more important than setting your goals. In fact, if your activities are not in balance with your goals, you’ll find it difficult to make the progress you desire. Tom Landry, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, explained it best when he said, “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

It will be up to you to discover which activities will lead you to accomplishing your goals. Be willing to ask your successful peers how they figured it all out. You don’t need to copy their plan 100%, but you will learn some of the essential activities needed for a profitable outcome.

3. Stretch Yourself

We’ve all had that moment when we stretch our body to the point we didn’t think was possible. It’s easy to remember, because it hurt! However, we wouldn’t have done it any other way because the end result was so satisfying! So, if you find yourself not getting uncomfortable and without any pain, then you know you’re not stretching yourself enough. The process of success has to hurt - at least a little bit at a time. You’ll find joy in the somewhat painful journey because you’ll make your goals a reality. And it will be amazingly satisfying.

4. Visualize Success

Robert Collier said, “Visualize this thing you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build.” (source:

Can you see yourself running a successful business? Paint a vivid mental picture of where you want to be, create your mental blueprint, believe and then do everything in your power to get there. Visualization is a powerful motivator!

5. Be Committed

It is fairly simple to set a goal. Reaching a goal is typically not as easy. Commitment is sticking with your goal, seeing it through to the end,  even when things get challenging! The difference between success and failure comes down to your resolve to follow through on your commitment.


Within 46 days of Bannister setting his record, someone else ran a four-minute mile. His achievement became an inspiration to following runners. Through the years it became more common, and today many high school runners even achieve the four-minute mile. But, Bannister was the first and he will always be remembered as a leader and pioneer in his sport.

As you strive to be successful in your business, apply the principles exemplified by Roger Bannister - set a goal, engage in the right activities, stretch yourself, visualize success, and most importantly BE COMMITTED. It may not be a four-minute mile, and it may not be as visible, but there is no reason you can’t reach your goals and run a successful Authorized Dealership.

The first three months may be the most critical time in building your business. Feel free to download our 30/60/90 Day Plan for Authorized Dealerships to help you get organized the right way. Good luck in building your business!


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