WRITTEN BY: Ben Jenkins
DATE: March 15, 2016

Have you been considering a new business opportunity with RS&I, but you're not sure how to begin? By now you've probably seen that we offer a wide variety of authorized retailer options to boost your profitability. You can get set up to sell and/or install DISH, HughesNet, Vivint.SmartHome, CenturyLink, RingCentral and consumer electronics.

And we make the "getting started" process as streamlined as possible.

With nine offices and warehouses in the western U.S., we bring our sales and distribution team to a location as close to you as possible. You won't find a similar or better option within our territory. From the very beginning, our team focuses on helping you get ready to sell and/or install a variety of popular products in today's industry.

Let us explain what you can expect as you get the ball rolling on your next journey.

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Over 2,500 retailers choose RS&I because we offer opportunity. Your next great business venture is just a click away!

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It All Starts With The Click Of A Button.
It All Starts With The Click Of A Button.