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What to Expect as You Begin Your Authorized Retailer Journey (Part 2)

WRITTEN BY: Ben Jenkins
DATE: April 5, 2016 at 4:39 PM

RS&I is here to make sure you've got everything you need to be successful as an authorized retailer with any of our various programs. This blog series of "What to Expect as You Begin Your Authorized Retailer Journey" is designed to get you the information you need to get started quickly.

If you didn't get a chance to read the first part of this series, you should take a little time to review the helpful instructions and content found in that article. It'll get you going on creating a solid business plan in no time!

This second part of the series focuses on reviewing the business plan you've established and outlining what you need to do next. You'll see the need to begin developing a marketing plan, finishing up any required paperwork and acquiring some of the basics you'll need to begin working.

Let's review your next action items!

Review Business Plan

By now, you should have your business plan all filled out. If it's not completed, please take some time to think through everything provided in our business plan workbook.

With the basics of your plan fully flushed out, you'll be even more prepared to talk to your RS&I Account Executive and go over what you've established. They'll be able to help you fine tune some of the details to focus on the most productive ways of generating sales and building a profitable business.

Also, consider this to be a fluid plan. As you could assume, some of the details will need to be adjusted based on unforeseen outcomes. And that's okay! Make the adjustments to your plan and keep moving forward.

Commit to Projections

Your account executive will want to help you establish the number of sales you plan on generating, because they are focused on your success and will hold you accountable to your goals. Your commitment to your projections will be crucial as you begin selling.

A popular quote from an unknown author says, "Character is the ability to follow through on a resolution long after the emotion with which it was made has passed." Your commitment will reflect your character. When you're six months or more down the road and still engaged as the day you started, you'll be confident in your ability to keep following through on building the business you desire.

Discuss Marketing Plan

With your business plan established, you're ready to discuss your marketing plan with your RS&I Account Executive. The good news? In addition to our business plan workbook, we've prepared a marketing plan workbook and you are free to use it to help guide your thoughts. In the workbook, you may discover ideas you didn't originally consider and you'll be that much more ready to discuss your marketing tactics with your account executive.

Prepare for Equifax Application

Depending on the program(s) you're interested in selling, you'll need to prepare for an Equifax application. It's essentially to ensure you're credit is in good standing and your business is secure and ready to go. Below is a quick overview of the requirements from Equifax:

  • Equifax Application
    Your RS&I Account Executive will get you a copy of the application and can walk you through the specifics to get it completed in a timely manner.
  • Business Listing in Directory
    Getting your business listed publicly makes it official to your local community and Equifax will verify you're an established business entity.
  • Locking File Cabinet
    It's simple, yet important! You'll want to have a place that keeps sensitive documents and files safe from anyone that would want to steal and use this kind of information maliciously and/or unlawfully.
  • Password Protected Computer
    Much like the locking file cabinet, a password protected computer will keep soft copies of business and customer files secure.
  • Paper Shredder
    When you need to destroy a document with sensitive information, a paper shredder does the job. Once again, it's simple, but sometimes these business basics are overlooked and it's nice to be prepared.

In the End

No matter what, our experienced sales team will do their best to get you as prepared as possible to get through the initial setup phase easily. The end goal is to get you approved and selling as quickly as possible as an authorized retailer.

Once again, check out our free marketing plan workbook below. Together with the business plan workbook, you'll have all your bases covered to solidify your overall game plan.

RS&I looks forward to helping you build your business!


RS&I Marketing Plan Workbook

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