Your Guide to Selling at Events RS&I Authorized Dealer sales events and fairs

Your Guide to Selling at Events

WRITTEN BY: Steve Poulsen
DATE: April 12, 2024 at 9:28 AM

Events play a pivotal role in connecting your products and services directly to customers. To enhance brand visibility and drive sales, participating in events is key. It is one of the best opportunities to get in front of customers. From summer extravaganzas to home and garden shows, bustling fairs/festivals, concerts, sports, and more, each event is a unique chance for dealers to showcase their offerings. Here's a quick guide on how to leverage events to maximize your sales potential.

  1. Choose the Right Events:
  • Prioritize events that align with your target audience and brand values.
  • Research past events to gauge attendance, demographics, and overall success.
  • Consider the geographical location and timing of the event to ensure maximum exposure.
  1. Prepare a Captivating Booth:
  • Design an eye-catching booth that reflects the brand's identity.
  • Display top-selling products prominently and offer interactive demonstrations.
  • Incorporate engaging visuals, signage, and promotional materials to attract attendees.
  1. Offer Exclusive Deals and Incentives:
  • Create event-specific promotions and discounts to incentivize purchases.
  • Provide limited-time offers or bundled packages to entice customers.
  • Offer giveaways or prizes to encourage participation and generate excitement.
  1. Engage Attendees with Interactive Activities:
  • Host product demonstrations or workshops to showcase features and benefits.
  • Organize contests, games, or interactive experiences to keep attendees engaged.
  • Train staff to interactively engage with visitors, answer questions, and build rapport.
  1. Utilize Social Media and Marketing:
  • Leverage social media platforms to promote participation and generate buzz.
  • Create event-specific hashtags and share behind-the-scenes content to create anticipation.
  • Partner with the event organizers/other vendors to maximize reach.
  • Utilize email marketing and targeted advertising to reach potential attendees.
  1. Follow-Up and Nurture Leads:
  • Collect contact information from interested attendees for follow-up.
  • Send personalized follow-up emails or messages offering post-event promotions or assistance.
  • Continuously engage with leads through targeted marketing efforts to nurture relationships.
  1. Evaluate and Learn from Each Event:
  • Analyze sales data, attendee feedback, and overall performance post-event.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement to refine future strategies.
  • Use insights gathered to optimize event selection, booth design, and promotional tactics.


Events provide invaluable opportunities for Authorized Dealers to directly connect with customers and drive sales volume. By carefully selecting events, preparing captivating booths, offering exclusive deals, engaging attendees, leveraging marketing efforts, and evaluating performance, dealers can maximize their success and establish a strong presence in the market. Embrace the power of events to elevate your authorized dealer program and achieve unprecedented growth.

RS&I is committed to the success of our Partners and Authorized Dealers at events of all scales. To empower you in making a lasting impression, make sure you download the RS&I Event Workbook: "How to Stand Out at Your Next Event."

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