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Wireless is Growing: What Does it Mean for You?

WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: November 17, 2023 at 4:16 PM

At RS&I, we’ve always positioned ourselves to facilitate Authorized Dealer programs that are valuable and sustainable for our dealers. We focus our efforts on products and sectors that have large growth opportunities and long-term stability. And wireless phones undoubtedly fall into those parameters.

Think about this: Do you personally know any adults who don’t have a cell phone? And how many teenagers (even younger kids these days) do you know who don’t have one? The number is likely very small. And there is incredible opportunity to capitalize on a product segment that continues to grow and is a fixture in most people’s daily lives.


Industry Stats

Here are some highlights of the Wireless industry at large, according to the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association):

  • The Wireless industry currently supports 4.5 million jobs
    • An estimated 4.5 million NEW jobs will be created by 2030
  • Jobs in the Wireless industry have a 34% higher average pay compared to other jobs
  • Wireless data traffic increased 190x from 2010 to 2022
  • 85% of Americans own a smartphone
  • 325 million Americans are currently covered by 5G networks
    • There are currently 162 million active 5G devices

While the growth in the wireless space over the past several years likely doesn’t surprise anyone, the sheer magnitude of these numbers and the growth that will continue to develop is truly astounding! When you consider that the industry is still growing plus the fact that Americans upgrade their phones every 2.7 years on average, selling wireless is a fantastic business to be involved in. Additionally, because infrastructure investment and growth have been so strong over many years, consumer costs for wireless phones and services have actually declined. This gives sellers the chance to offer amazing benefits without unbearable prices for their customers.


How to Get Your Share

Any business-minded person or entrepreneur should ask themselves one question: How do I capitalize on this growth to get a share of the earnings?

Quite simply, RS&I is the solution. We set up Authorized Dealers to sell AT&T Wireless (and Fiber) all across the United States! Regardless of where you’re located or how you’d like to go to market selling, we give our Authorized Dealers the required support they need through:

  • Establishing you as an Authorized Dealer to sell world-class brands
  • Unbeatable commissions and fast pay
  • Training to show you how to sell
  • Tools to execute orders
  • Software to manage and track sales/associated finances
  • Dedicated Area Sales Managers to assist you in perpetuity
  • Marketing support
  • A dedicated call center to handle questions your customers may have so that you can focus on selling
  • And much more!


So, what are you waiting for? Our partnership with AT&T Wireless gives RS&I Authorized Dealers truly unmatched opportunity. For 50+ years we’ve been successful in establishing Authorized Dealer Sales Programs, allowing dealers to take control of their own future and develop the earning potential they want for themselves. To learn more or get started today, reach out to one of our nationwide Area Sales Managers or simply click here.


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