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WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: May 10, 2024 at 12:48 PM

Are you passionate about technology and helping people connect? Are you interested in starting your own small business as a full-time career? Maybe you’re a skilled salesperson with experience in Wireless sales or general retail sales – wouldn’t you prefer to work for yourself instead of someone else? Or perhaps you’re just looking to add additional income as a side hustle? Partnering with RS&I as an Authorized Dealer for AT&T Wireless opens endless possibilities for earnings regardless of what you’re looking for!


Global Brand Recognition

Customers want to use products they know from longstanding and reliable brands they can trust. Becoming an RS&I Authorized Dealer gives you the capability to sell top-tier brand-name products and services right away! AT&T is known everywhere across the US (and the globe) as the premier name in Wireless services. At the time of this writing, AT&T is ranked by Forbes as the 14th most valuable brand in the world. (


5G Nationwide Network Coverage

Two factors are at the forefront of customers’ minds when buying cell phone service: reliability and speed. Your customers want a wireless provider that allows them to stay connected with family, friends, and entertainment at all times. With blazing-fast speeds and America’s most reliable 5G network (, there is no better option.


Wide Portfolio of Products and Services

Every customer’s needs are slightly different, and they want solutions that are right-sized to them. AT&T Authorized Dealers get the complete offering of AT&T service plans and devices to cater to customers of all varieties. Whether you’re selling to tech-savvy individuals, families with kids/elderly users, businesses, or anybody in between, you’ll have the solutions they’re looking for. Not only do AT&T Authorized Dealers get to sell all of the latest and greatest smartphones, but also tablets, smartwatches, and even home internet services. Plus, you can sell to individuals/families AND/OR to businesses!


Go To Market How YOU Want

Everyone sells a little differently and with RS&I, you’re empowered to sell AT&T Wireless in nearly limitless ways! Our Authorized Dealers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can leverage sales strategies of nearly any variety including:

  • Door-to-Door Sales
  • Call Center Sales
  • Event Selling
  • Pop-up Shops/Kiosk Selling
  • Digital Marketing/Online
  • National Retail

Many RS&I Authorized Dealers employ a mix-and-match approach to achieve success – you’re not restricted to using a specific strategy to get in front of your customers and close sales. You get to sell how and when you want to.


The World-Class Edge of RS&I

With 50+ years of longevity in the telecommunications and satellite industry, we have established a proven track record of Authorized Dealer sales opportunities. We’re only successful if our dealers are successful. We provide you with business tools, sales materials, continued training, ongoing sales/marketing support, and much more. Our AT&T Authorized Dealers also enjoy many more incredible benefits including:

  • No Large Up-Front Investments or Franchise Fees
  • Industry-leading Commissions
  • Fast Pay (up to twice per week!)
  • Free Sales Leads
  • National Promos/Offers to Leverage

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to supplement your income with a side hustle or develop a full-time career growing your own business, we want to talk with you! Click here to get in touch with us today to start selling AT&T Wireless as an RS&I Authorized Dealer - take control of your selling and earning opportunities NOW!

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It All Starts With The Click Of A Button.