Franchising Without the Franchising Fees RS&I Authorized Dealer Sales Programs

RS&I Authorized Dealer Sales Programs: Similar to Franchising WITHOUT The Franchise Fees!

WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: February 7, 2024 at 5:06 PM

Are you looking to start a business? Perhaps you’re a skilled salesperson who has dreamed of being your own boss, but you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you have established some level of success in a “side hustle” and you want to focus your full-time efforts working for yourself. It can be daunting, even though you know you have the right skills and a drive to succeed. There’s obviously a lot to consider, first and foremost what products or services you’re going to sell.

You may have considered becoming a franchise owner of an already established product with national brand recognition. However, franchising often comes with major fees to begin, several hurdles to clear, and lots of uncertainty. At RS&I we provide our Authorized Dealers benefits similar to those of a franchise owner without the potential drawbacks that franchising can introduce.


No Large Upfront Investments, Seriously

You may have heard or seen this phrase – so what do we mean by it? It’s simple: to become an Authorized Dealer in our sales programs there are NO licensing fees or franchising fees that Dealers pay to RS&I or our partners! Becoming a franchise owner almost always involves some kind of franchise fee as part of getting started. At RS&I, our Authorized Dealer Programs are different! We offer sales programs that allow your company to represent some of the top global brands available to sell to consumers. Similar to franchises, RS&I offers professional training, continual sales support, financial reporting, and marketing support.


Credibility and Brand Recognition

Consumers are typically much more likely to buy brands and products from brands they know and see in their daily lives. It often can take years or decades for brands to reach the level of nationwide recognition. With RS&I, Authorized Dealers gain immediate and direct access to some of the world’s most valuable brands and associated services/products. The easiest things to sell are the things that customers WANT, and that’s what we provide to our Dealers. With wireless phones, fiber internet, home security, satellite TV & internet, and residential solar in our product portfolio, we have programs all across the United States that can cater to nearly any customer’s needs. Having heavy-weight brands as part of the products and services you sell can provide immediate and accelerated customer acquisition and revenue growth!


Proven Success

RS&I has been in business for over 50 years, setting up Authorized Dealers to sell the best products and services available in technology and communication services. Our partnerships in the industry have been well-nurtured for decades. RS&I strategically aligns with our selected partners to offer the best products available. We strongly believe in only partnering with top-tier companies. We exclusively partner with companies and people who are in it for the long haul to provide consumers the best products, and provide our Dealers with absolutely unbeatable business growth and earnings.


Financial Reporting, Fast Pay, and Support

As an RS&I Dealer, you get access to complete detailed reporting on your sales performance and your earnings. Plus, we prioritize paying you quickly. By providing Dealers with detailed reporting, fast payouts on commissions, and web-based access to that information on your own device any time, your time and energy are freed up to focus on making more sales and earning more money!

Sales Materials, Training, and More

Authorized Dealers with RS&I have a library of up-to-date sales and training materials at their fingertips. We constantly provide our Dealers with new information, tools, training opportunities, offer updates, sales collateral, and more to ensure that you are never in the dark about the fine details of selling the products and services you are representing as an RS&I Authorized Dealer. Information is crucial to success in sales, so we pride ourselves on arming our sellers with a wealth of information to leverage.


Marketing Support

Our sales and marketing professionals provide outstanding materials and business support to make sure you can reach your customers where you’re looking to sell. Regardless of how you go to market or what mediums you use to communicate your business offerings, we can help. We assist our dealers every day with planning, creating, and executing marketing messages in everything from traditional print media to social/digital media, and everything in between.


People You Can Rely On

At RS&I we only bring elite talent into our fold. Our teams of world-class sales and business development people are available nationwide to guide and help Authorized Dealers to achieve success in their businesses. We are not successful unless our Dealers our successful. Simply put, your success in selling is our #1 priority. Our longstanding track record in the industry speaks for itself.

So, if you’re looking to start or expand a business, what are you waiting for? Whether you want to get started from square one, expand your existing product offerings, or reach new customers/markets, we can help! Start selling the services and products your customers are looking for right now by clicking here

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