Republic Wireless by DISH: DISH Enters The World of Wireless!

WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: June 3, 2022 at 8:44 AM

We pride ourselves on offering the best Authorized Retailer sales programs for our dealers, and our efforts to bring them opportunities best fit for their customers never end.

One of the main focuses of DISH Team Summit this year was their entering into the exciting realm of wireless with Republic Wireless by DISH, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

What is it?

Republic Wireless was acquired by DISH in March of 2021. Since then, they’ve been restructuring the company to be a perfect companion to DISH satellite TV services. It is a nationwide 4G and 5G wireless network that delivers the entire full featured network capabilities you’re familiar with from other major carriers at prices that are unbeatable for your DISH customers. DISH subscribers can save up to 60% on wireless bills with $29.99 per month per line for unlimited talk, text & data. That price is exclusive to active DISH customers, specifically designed to give even more benefits to your DISH customers. It’s all backed by the same award-winning customer service that your customers already enjoy from DISH.

Republic Wireless by DISH offers simple wireless plans – there are no contracts, hidden fees, or surprise data overage charges. Customers can bring their own devices, or get the newest top-of-the-line phones from Republic Wireless. Phones and SIM cards are shipped directly to the customer with 2-day delivery. When they receive the devices, they follow simple steps to activate them online themselves, and they have the support of DISH’s world-class account management and customer support available at any time.

Get Ready Now

The opportunity and future in wireless sales for a DISH dealer is monumental. The Republic Wireless by DISH program is designed to help DISH Authorized Retailers gain an understanding and get familiar with selling wireless so that they can begin to capitalize on the earning potential right now! The best way to maximize your sales opportunity as an RS&I Authorized Retailer is to diversify your business, and offer as many solutions to your customers as you can. With DISH, this includes offering Smart Home integration with Google Nest, and now wireless services from Republic Wireless by DISH. As a DISH retailer, this is a slam dunk to create loyal DISH customers. Contact your RS&I regional branch today to find out how easy it is to get started with Republic Wireless by DISH today!

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