NuvoH2O Water Softening System

New Opportunity for Authorized Retailers: Salt-Free Water Softeners

WRITTEN BY: Ben Jenkins
DATE: April 27, 2018 at 2:00 PM

NuvoH2O has developed a solution to treat hard water without the use of salt and RS&I has teamed up with them to make it a strong business opportunity for our authorized retailers.

Our retailers are already in homes and businesses providing consumers with great options for TV, Internet, home automation and security, Internet phones, and energy solutions. Why not provide an option to sell an effective and safe water softening system?

We think it's a great idea, especially since only 25% of homeowners are treating their hard water. That means 75% of homeowners who live in hard water areas could be benefiting from this independently proven water treatment system.


Since NuvoH2O water softeners use citrus rather than salt to treat hard water, homeowners are able to receive many additional benefits, such as:

    Every home and business can enjoy softer, safer water to keep pipes, appliances, water heaters, fixtures, dishes and shower doors scale free.
    You know that slick feeling when the soap feels like it won't wash off in the shower? That all-too-common feeling comes from the salt in the water. With the power of citrus, you can say goodbye to the slickness.
    No more buying, hauling, and pouring 40-pound bags of salt each month. With a NuvoH2O system, you only have to replace a cartridge every six months. You'll find it's nearly hassle free to keep hard water softened. 
    Instead of removing calcium from the water, like salt softeners do, NuvoH2O's citrus system binds and isolates the calcium ions, preventing them from precipitating out and forming scale. Once bound to CitraCharge, the minerals cannot form scale.
    Salt water softeners require electricity, but NuvoH2O's system eliminates the need for power by simply tapping into a home's or business's existing water line with citrus charged cartridges. It saves a lot on utility bills over time.
    Salt softening systems can waste between 100-400 gallons of water each week in order to regenerate as needed. But with NuvoH2O cartridges, no excessive water gets used or wasted. 
    There is no need to drain a tank, because there isn't a tank to drain with a NuvoH2O system. It helps the environment by not putting salty water full of minerals into septic tanks, wells or groundwater. 

 NuvoH2O Product Line-up


In addition to all of these consumer benefits, retailers are able to earn a healthy amount of revenue from selling the product and becoming a certified installation technician.

As a NuvoH2O Authorized Retailer, you will enjoy selling and installing these products and services for each of your residential and business customers. Certification training will be required and provided to get you quickly up to speed.

We'd like to make this a profitable adventure for you as soon as possible.



RS&I serves a nationwide program for NuvoH2O Authorized Retailers. No matter where you operate in the United States, we can provide you with a sales and installation program in your area. To help you with the installation side of the business, our nine warehouses will bring the proximity you need to save as much as possible on shipping costs for equipment and supplies.

Each of our nine locations also provide a sales team that are ready to provide you with the training and guidance needed to build a lasting and successful business! Get in touch with us to ask any questions you need to be answered.

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