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WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: April 30, 2021 at 1:56 PM

Mobile hotspots are nothing new, but what if you could always ensure you're connected to whichever carrier has the best connection dependent on where you are at any moment, whether it be at home or on the go? GotSpot, which is the newest product offering from RevGen, gives you exactly that as an RS&I Authorized Retailer.


What It Is and How It Works

The gotSPOT is a mobile LTE modem/hotspot that utilizes "E-SIM Technology", which allows it to access RevGen's Urban, Rural, and Elite carriers.gotspot active 300px What this means for the user experience is that the device constantly scans and monitors the different carriers, and connects to whichever one will provide the best speeds and network connection for its location at any given time. Weighing in at approximately the size of a deck of cards, the modem is charged via a standard micro-USB cable and has a built-in battery that lasts approximately 2 days on a single charge. And if you're using the modem in a stationary location, you can simply leave it plugged in to power and never worry about recharging it.

The service plans function very similarly to the gotW3 product. There are various data plans available ranging from 50 GB to 750 GB. This gives the user flexibility for what their typical internet usage is. You can change your data plan at any time, if you want to increase or decrease it. There is no long-term contract; it is simply a month-to-month service, and can be cancelled at any time. Plus, as a RevGen dealer with RS&I, you get all of the dealer support services that we provide, and direct support for you and your customers from RevGen.

Fun fact: This blog post was actually written and composed entirely while using a gotSPOT! In my experience with the device, I had consistently high speeds, and no dropped connections. It's incredibly easy to setup and use, and the modem has a very wide range of WiFi signal, allowing me to stay connected while moving away from the device even from different rooms.

The gotSPOT is another fantastic product to add to your portfolio. As an Authorized Retailer with RS&I, the gotSPOT allows you to broaden your internet offerings even further. Between our partnerships with HughesNet, CenturyLink, RevGen, and T-Mobile, you can position yourself to be the single internet service source for all types of customers and needs in your local market. To find out how easy it is to get started selling gotSPOT or any other programs with RS&I, contact one of our regional branch locations and one of our Account Executives can help get you set up.



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