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Cybersecurity: Guidelines for Your Business

WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: July 28, 2023 at 1:56 PM

It seems like an almost-daily occurrence that we see news stories about organizations both large and small being the target of a cybersecurity attack. In today's digital age, cybersecurity should be a critical concern for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses often become attractive targets for cybercriminals due to their perceived limited resources and often less robust security measures. However, by addressing the unfortunate possibility proactively, you can greatly reduce the risk of your business becoming the next victim of cybercriminals. Below are some basics to help you take action that can help protect you and your livelihood. As a bonus, all of this information should be implemented for personal security too. Use these practices in your own life, and leverage them to assist your customers as their trusted technology expert! Please note that the information below serves only as guidelines – nothing can guarantee complete prevention.

Educate and Train Employees

One of the biggest vulnerabilities in any system is human error. Everyone makes mistakes, so it is centrally important to inform and train your employees on the importance of cybersecurity and the potential risks they may encounter. Develop clear security policies and guidelines, covering topics such as password management, email security, and safe internet browsing. Regularly conduct training sessions to keep your staff updated on the best practices.

Implement Strong Password Policies

We all know that passwords can feel annoying at times. However, strong passwords are incredibly important to safeguard your files and your business. Employees should use strong passwords that are unique, complex, and regularly changed. As a good rule of thumb, passwords should be at least:

  • 14 characters long
  • Contain uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Contain numbers
  • Contain at least 1 special character

Of course, all websites/systems you might be using in your business operations may have different parameters for passwords, but the key is to encourage your employees to use strong and varied passwords. You should also use multi-factor authentication (MFA) on any platforms that have the capability. Additionally, a password manager can be used to securely store and manage passwords for various accounts, reducing the risk of weak or reused passwords.

Secure Your Network

Securing your business network is crucial to prevent unauthorized access. Start by implementing a firewall and ensuring it's properly configured to block possible threats. Regularly update your network equipment's firmware to further reduce vulnerabilities. Use strong encryption protocols (WPA2 or WPA3) for your Wi-Fi network and never use the default network name (SSID) and password that is assigned to network equipment out-of-the-box. Restrict access to your Wi-Fi network by using a guest network for visitors.

Keep Software and Systems Updated

The impulse to ignore or delay software updates is understandable, but for the sake of security it is important to keep all systems updated! Outdated software and operating systems can be an easy target for cybercriminals. Ensure all computers, servers, and mobile devices are running the latest security patches and updates. Enable automatic updates wherever possible to ensure timely protection for operating systems and all apps.

Backup Regularly

Data loss can have a severe impact on any business. Regularly backup your critical data to an offsite location or cloud storage service. Implement a robust backup strategy that includes redundancy and periodic testing of data restoration. This practice can mitigate the impact of ransomware attacks, hardware failures, or accidental deletion.

Hire or Contract Cybersecurity Professionals

Most importantly and above all else, every business should be utilizing professionals who are properly trained and equipped to maintain and implement cybersecurity practices! All of the information above is helpful because cybersecurity weaknesses can be inadvertently exposed by anyone if they’re not vigilant. However, it’s always best to rely on professionals to execute systems and practices for a reliable level of protection against the massive amounts of threats that could be severely detrimental to your business. It is nice to have cybersecurity professionals in-house, but there are also many businesses specifically designed to have that need contracted out. Individuals trained in cybersecurity can tailor solutions to your specific business needs. The old adage rings true – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Protecting your business from the staggering number of threats out on the internet is a continuous process that requires proactive measures. While using these cybersecurity essentials can help strengthen your defenses, there are of course no guarantees for complete prevention in anything. As a Master Sales Agent of the best technology service brands on the market, we help our Authorized Dealers to become the trusted expert in their area on selling those services and helping their customers utilize them securely. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can start selling now!

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