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Broaden Your Approach with a Marketing Brainstorming Session for 2019

WRITTEN BY: Ben Jenkins
DATE: November 30, 2018 at 11:45 AM

Have you ever tried hitting a clay pigeon with a single bullet? It takes some serious skill or a lot of luck, but most likely a lot of both skill and luck.

Trying to generate a sale with only one marketing tactic is a lot like trying to hit a clay pigeon with a single bullet. Chances are pretty high that you won't get that sale.

Just as a clay pigeon is meant to be hit by dozens of pellets from a shotgun shell, a sale is meant to be generated by using a variety of marketing tactics. Keeping this simple analogy in mind will help you take a broader approach to the tactics you use in 2019.

But while we're on the topic, let us help you do some brainstorming for the coming year.


As you get together with your team and any other trusted colleagues, identify which types of advertising you want to deploy. When you begin the process, ask yourselves these quick questions:

  • What's the objective of the marketing efforts?
  • What tactics have already been used?
  • What additional tactics should be tried?
  • What is the target market, by demographics and geographic locations?
  • Where are the geographical areas that should be targeted?
  • Which metrics should be used to track results?
  • What is the budget for each tactic?

Keeping the discussion open to new ideas will provide the best, most effective solutions. However, if some of the tactics you've already used are working, it's best to keep those tactics in the mix as you add new ways to advertise. Keep the good stuff going and broaden your approach as you aim for more sales!


In a quick summary, marketing tactics can be broken down into four different categories. 

  1. Media Advertising
    Radio, cable and broadcast TV, local website, local publications, and social media posts all fall into this category. 
  2. Public Displays & Events
    Local sports team sponsorships, event tents, yard signs, parking lot pop-ups, movie theater ads, storefront displays, and community boards should all be considered as you keep thinking of your possibilities.
  3. Print Advertising
    Direct mail, door hangers, banners, referral cards, flags, and billboards are among the variety of print advertising options that can be used. 
  4. Even More Creativity
    After all these tactics, you can still consider using vehicle wraps, LED vehicle flares, receipt tape ads, labeled vehicle cones, and free WiFi at your location to draw even more attention to your business.

You can start to visualize an actual "shotgun approach" as you identify a variety of ways you'll be advertising your business next year. Remember to think of each tactic as just one pellet in a shotgun shell. Collectively, you'll be able to hit the target and generate an incremental amount of sales.

Marketing Brainstorming Tactics


If you like our marketing tactic idea sheet as pictured above, feel free to download it and take it to your next brainstorming session. You will likely think of even more ways to get the word out about your products and services, beyond what we have included. 

The bottom line is to diversify your marketing and stay consistent with each method to be successful. The more tactics you use, the more sales you are likely to get!

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