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Being an RS&I Authorized Dealer: Are You Built for it?

WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: October 17, 2023 at 2:30 PM

RS&I Authorized Dealers come in all sorts of varieties. Some are well-established businesses with long track records of success with many employees, while others are brand-new entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey of selling elite tech brands and services to their customers. Regardless of where you might find yourself on your journey, our Area Sales Managers are here to help you get where you want to be. Our sales programs pay the highest commissions, have expert training and sales support, and there are no large upfront investments or franchise fees!


Different Types of RS&I Dealer Models

One of the greatest things about being an RS&I Authorized Dealer is that there is no “one size fits all” requirement. The services our dealers sell often lend themselves to being viable with many different go-to-market tactics. Below are some of the various approaches that RS&I Dealers take in selling:

Brick-and-Mortar Storefront

Many of our dealers choose to have a “brick-and-mortar” storefront where customers can come into their business, talk face-to-face with employees, and see/experience the product offerings of the dealer.

Door-to-Door (D2D)

Selling door-to-door is another great approach that many dealers utilize. D2D can work very well in a lot of different markets, especially those where weather conditions don’t frequently impede the ability to be out knocking on doors! However, even in markets where specific seasons may prove almost impossible, D2D selling can still be a great way to grow sales.

Call Centers

Inbound call center sales teams prove to be extremely effective for many of our sales programs. Existing call center teams can often easily integrate a new/additional product into their portfolio, giving dealers the ability to cross-sell products and reach customers far beyond just their local area.


Some dealers may choose to exist solely as a digital entity, marketing their product offerings through social media and online marketing platforms leading to profitable sales. In fact, some RS&I Authorized Dealers are individuals running their entire business from their computer!


Many RS&I dealers leverage face-to-face events to market their products. These can be big events in the city, they can be small-town community events, or they can even be a simple pop-up event on a busy corner working with a local retailer. No matter where the event is – events provide a magnificent opportunity to interact with a potential customer and showcase your products.

Hybrid (The Pro-Tip!)

Dealers who find the most success usually incorporate a strategy that allows them to sell in many different ways and environments. It’s important to not spread your efforts too thin in anything, but if you have the resources available, employing several different selling strategies often brings the greatest opportunities to grow.


Commonality: Can YOU Be a Dealer?

While successful RS&I Authorized Dealers come in all shapes and sizes, the one thing they all have in common is a DRIVE and VISION to grow! Our elite team of sales, marketing, admin, and logistics personnel have experience working with all different kinds of businesses and guiding them to becoming incredible Authorized Dealers. Partnering with RS&I gives you the opportunity to sell the elite brands we offer including AT&T Fiber, AT&T Wireless, Brightspeed Fiber, DISH, Freedom Forever Solar, Frontier Fiber, HughesNet, Kinetic Fiber by Windstream, Lumen (CenturyLink/Quantum Fiber), and Vivint! With over 50 years of proven success, we’re ready to help you find your success. Click here to learn more or get started today!

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