3 Social Media Tips for Your Business

3 Social Media Tips for Your Business

WRITTEN BY: Luke Hammerland
DATE: June 27, 2024 at 4:44 PM

As part of establishing your business as the trusted source in your local area, social media presence and activity can be a very valuable tool. Social networks offer massive audiences, allowing you to connect with your customers where they are looking for products you are selling. Here are three quick tips to help you begin leveraging these far-reaching platforms.


Up-to-Date and Professional-Looking Profile

As a starting point, it’s critical to make sure that any platform your business exists on has current and up-to-date information and branding. This simple step helps to build trust and credibility with potential customers. People’s first impression of your business may be on a social media page. If they notice that you haven’t posted in years, or there are broken links to your website, etc., it is likely they will look for a different business for their needs. Don’t lose out on sales, keep your profiles accurate and updated! Ensure you have current phone numbers listed and accurate links to your website so that people can easily contact you or learn more about your products.

Additionally, your business presence on social media should be strictly business. As such, make sure that you aren’t using selfies as your profile images, or using profile names that aren’t the name of your business. It’s important to note that while social media pages can (and should be) fun and engaging, which may include pictures of events/staff/etc., you just shouldn’t use them for a profile picture. Your business profile picture should be your logo. Additionally, when posting on social media, make sure you are logged into the correct profile - don’t accidentally share personal content on your business page. 

High-Quality Posts, Posted Consistently

To be most effective on social media as a business, you need to post with some consistency and frequency. This helps keep your business in front of your followers and continually builds trust with them. 

You also need to ensure that the things you post are of a high quality. That means text needs to be well-written for posts and images/graphics should be created by a graphic designer in order to be appealing and aligned with your brand. You want your posts to look professional and eye-catching! If needed, RS&I supports its Authorized Dealers with premade posts and captions for their Social Media.


Building Audience/Gaining Reach

Leveraging paid advertising on social platforms is a very simple and effective way to target customers in specific locations. All of the major platforms (Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/etc.) have varying capabilities and guidelines for ads on their apps, but all of them can be extremely useful advertising tools to get your offerings in front of customers.

Another great way to increase your reach and followers is to incentivize people to follow your pages. Increase followers by offering giveaways or contests for people who like/share/follow your posts. This gets your content reposted on follower pages, allowing their contacts to see it and get engaged. Plus, offering giveaways encourages current followers to continue following you!

While social media efforts are unlikely to gain a large reach without investing money behind your posts, it’s still effort well-spent to be present and active on at least 2-3 major social media platforms. These days, many consumer segments expect legitimate businesses to have at least some social media presence.


Small Efforts = Mounting Success Over Time

Social media for your business is not only part of establishing a foundation for your digital footprint, but also a contributing factor of continued overall success. RS&I Authorized Dealers get to sell industry-leading tech brands that deliver industry-leading service, so presenting those products/services on digital platforms is a no-brainer. If you’re not yet an RS&I Authorized Dealer, click here to get started now and one of our Area Sales Managers will get in touch with you.

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