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Creating a dynamic Internet presence is much more than checking off a list of digital marketing tactics. It's understanding how each of those tactics are related and connected to each other, which is what many professional marketers call a digital ecosystem.

At the center of a digital ecosystem is a company's main landing page. Every other online marketing tactic should branch out from or be redirected to a well-developed website. The main site doesn't need to be loaded with bells and whistles, it just needs to be a central hub where accurate service and contact information is displayed.

RS&I's job is to set authorized retailers up for success as a small business and that includes helping them understand the importance of having a functioning website to support all of their online marketing. Let's take a look at six steps an authorized retailer or any small business owner should consider for their digital marketing plan.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on February 28, 2019


Topics: Authorized Dealer Opportunity, Marketing Tactics

Our sales and marketing teams recently attended a door-to-door conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with a lot of small business owners. After many discussions, the ability to help them add one of our authorized retailer programs to their current lineup of services became abundantly clear. RS&I is well positioned to be the opportunity hub for many different types of these small businesses.

Some of the highly interested business owners came from several different industries, such as roofing, automobile paintless dent removal, home automation and security, solar, and even windshield repair.

Whether you find yourself in one of these industries or a different one, now's the time to consider looking at one or more of the many opportunities made available through RS&I. There's a good chance we can help you meet your financial goals.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on January 30, 2019


Topics: Getting to Know RS&I

For those with larger amounts of real estate, getting Wi-Fi access to different areas of a property can be a challenge. Most home networks run on routers that can't get a strong Internet signal dispersed to other buildings or specific locations throughout a property.

One of our partners, Winegard, has developed a new Outdoor Access Point/Extender that brings an excellent solution to this problem. It connects to existing home networks and creates an outdoor network to cover previously unreachable areas.

By providing an increased Wi-Fi range, omni-directional antennas, an extended access point, and easy installation, Winegard's solution will get customers the connectivity wherever it's needed.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on December 28, 2018


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs, Satellite Internet

Have you ever tried hitting a clay pigeon with a single bullet? It takes some serious skill or a lot of luck, but most likely a lot of both skill and luck.

Trying to generate a sale with only one marketing tactic is a lot like trying to hit a clay pigeon with a single bullet. Chances are pretty high that you won't get that sale.

Just as a clay pigeon is meant to be hit by dozens of pellets from a shotgun shell, a sale is meant to be generated by using a variety of marketing tactics. Keeping this simple analogy in mind will help you take a broader approach to the tactics you use in 2019.

But while we're on the topic, let us help you do some brainstorming for the coming year.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on November 30, 2018


Topics: Marketing Tactics

Business owners with multiple TVs in one location have often had the onerous task of managing all those screens with all those remotes and making sure their customers are happy with what they're watching. It can quickly turn into a juggling act based on different customer preferences and requests.

What if every TV could be individually controlled from one central location? What if it was as easy as opening an app on a tablet and tapping a few selections to update all those TVs? No matching remotes with TVs. No finding lost remotes.

That's the beauty of DISH's new remote app—and it's called DISH OnePoint.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on October 31, 2018


Topics: DISH Products and Services