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Many entrepreneurs get their business plan set in place, but they don’t spend the time to fully develop a marketing plan. The marketing efforts are often overlooked and one plan without the other can often be the cause of not getting started correctly.

But where do you begin as you attempt to make a solid marketing plan? Well, we have outlined the process below and we feel like we have some pretty awesome ideas to put you on the right path. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll know you have a solid plan developed to create the exponential growth you want.

Go through the questions below and do your best to answer each one. You may not have all the answers just yet, but do your best to think through each question and come back to any of them as often as needed. Keep in mind, that even though you may be able to fill out your plan right now, you will want to keep your plan in a fluid state – making changes as needed to get the right results.

And remember to download the marketing plan workbook below to help you write everything down. It’s specifically designed to help authorized retailers or new business owners with their marketing efforts.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on October 27, 2015


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs

Talk about an excellent opportunity. RS&I has teamed up with several partners to create a robust business venture for anyone looking to build their own business. As long as you’re approved, you can quickly diversify your portfolio to be an authorized retailer for DISH, HughesNet, Vivint, CenturyLink and/or RingCentral.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on October 13, 2015


Topics: Authorized Dealer Opportunity