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The smart home revolution is here, and RS&I has the authorized retailer programs featuring the best products that can put your business at the forefront of it all.

Luke Hammerland

Luke Hammerland

on August 7, 2019


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs, DISH Products and Services, Home Automation, Home Security

What is the one device that most people can’t leave their home without? It’s their mobile phone! The mobile phone keeps you connected to your world through text messaging, email, push notification, and actual phone calls. According to the PEW Research Center, 95% of the U.S. population has a cell phone and 77% of the U.S. population has a smartphone only. 

Steve Poulsen

Steve Poulsen

on May 14, 2019


Topics: Authorized Dealer Opportunity, Authorized Dealer Programs, Sprint D2C Authorized Retailer

For those with larger amounts of real estate, getting Wi-Fi access to different areas of a property can be a challenge. Most home networks run on routers that can't get a strong Internet signal dispersed to other buildings or specific locations throughout a property.

One of our partners, Winegard, has developed a new Outdoor Access Point/Extender that brings an excellent solution to this problem. It connects to existing home networks and creates an outdoor network to cover previously unreachable areas.

By providing an increased Wi-Fi range, omni-directional antennas, an extended access point, and easy installation, Winegard's solution will get customers the connectivity wherever it's needed.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on December 28, 2018


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs, Satellite Internet

It was that time of year again. Last week, we held our annual national sales meeting in beautiful Idaho Falls, Idaho. It's a noteworthy event because it's the only time each year we're able to get our entire sales team from all nine of our locations together with our corporate partners.

Folks fly in from all over the country to be here. We learn a lot and we play a lot—all for the purpose of "sharpening our saws" and building stronger relationships.

The theme this year was "Y'all Tough Enough", which gave us an entertaining western style to each of the individual events over the course of four days. It also reminded us that we have what it takes to help our large network of small businesses succeed.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on September 28, 2018


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs, Getting to Know RS&I

The fifth generation of America's #1 high-speed satellite Internet—known as HughesNet Gen5—provides a variety of options to keep businesses running at full speed. With its latest technology, Hughes has the ability to bring businesses faster speeds, more data and built-in WiFi.

Since a HughesNet satellite dish can be installed in just about any location across the continental United States, even remote or rural businesses can benefit from a secure and reliable Internet source. Every employee stays connected to their email, sales transactions, web surfing, and online files as needed.

Business owners can even choose to have satellite Internet as a backup service in case their primary service fails. They can also boost their WiFi to improve the signal strength throughout their location.

With HughesNet Gen5, they've got all their options and you can be the one to get them started when you become an authorized retailer.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on July 25, 2018


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs, HughesNet Authorized Retailer, Satellite Internet