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Our sales and marketing teams recently attended a door-to-door conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with a lot of small business owners. After many discussions, the ability to help them add one of our authorized retailer programs to their current lineup of services became abundantly clear. RS&I is well positioned to be the opportunity hub for many different types of these small businesses.

Some of the highly interested business owners came from several different industries, such as roofing, automobile paintless dent removal, home automation and security, solar, and even windshield repair.

Whether you find yourself in one of these industries or a different one, now's the time to consider looking at one or more of the many opportunities made available through RS&I. There's a good chance we can help you meet your financial goals.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on January 30, 2019


Topics: Getting to Know RS&I