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If you've ever thought about the opportunity to become a HughesNet Authorized Retailer, now is the time!


As explained in one of our latest blog articles called World's Highest-Capacity Broadband Satellite Launched Successfully, Hughes is getting geared up to provide the best high-speed satellite Internet service ever and it'll cover nearly the entire United States. 

The goal is to have the new satellite service, called HughesNet Gen5, fully functional by April 1, 2017. That's in less than two months! For any households or businesses that have struggled to find great Internet service, especially in rural markets, HughesNet Gen5 is the solution. Millions of customers in the U.S. will be wanting and needing the better internet service to handle all of their daily Internet-surfing and TV-streaming activities.

And that's exactly why now is the time to become a HughesNet Authorized Retailer.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on February 10, 2017


Topics: Authorized Dealer Opportunity