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RS&I is among the nation's leading fulfillment service providers with more than 45 years of highly successful experience meeting distribution, warehousing, delivery and installation needs. We make sure our current network of over 2,500 authorized retailers has every piece of equipment they need to get the job done in a timely manner.

We manage an integrated distribution network of nine strategically located sales and distribution centers serving the western U.S. Having nine different locations means product is always available at the nearest location when one of our retailers needs to place an order.

With the close proximity of our distribution centers, it also saves time and money for our retailers.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on October 31, 2016


Topics: Getting to Know RS&I

Hundreds of business opportunities are available in the market today. You can pick everything from franchises, to investments, to e-commerce, to authorized retailerships and more. But why choose Vivint? What benefits can you expect as a retailer? And why would your customers choose Vivint?

To quickly summarize the answers to these questions, Vivint provides a simple and affordable smart home solution. Everything they do is to make life better for their customers and to even save their customers' lives when disaster strikes. It's a mission they're happy to pursue and it's a whole lot of fun.

When you team up with RS&I and Vivint, you get to go after the same mission. And yes, you can earn a significant amount of income at the same time.

Take a little time to read below and see what you could accomplish as an Authorized Retailer.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on October 14, 2016


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs