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The economy is due to pick back up at the end of 2015 because of increased consumer spending, construction, home sales and home building – all spurred by more jobs and higher wages.

But there are still few business opportunities that provide a low upfront investment with an established brand, expert training and financial support. The average franchise fee is $20,000 to $30,000 and it’s common to run into different economical requirements that a franchisee has to meet to even qualify.

That’s where being a DISH Authorized Retailer makes a lot of sense.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on August 25, 2015


Topics: Authorized Dealer Programs

Running an event and executing a successful event are two very different things. In order to be successful at an event you need to come prepared. There are multiple factors that contribute to success – from appearance of your staff and event space, to how well your sales staff is trained, to how effectively you follow-up with leads at the event.

Events can be a very cost effective way to grow your sales and build your brand. They give you an opportunity to sell face-to-face and to demonstrate your product. Often times the leads you gather at events continue to produce sales even after it is done.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but these four tips will help you run a successful event as an authorized dealer.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

on August 11, 2015


Topics: Authorized Dealer Events