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Why Sell Sprint as an Authorized Retailer?

Become a Sprint Authorized Retailer

Another income-generating opportunity has opened up for small businesses who partner with RS&I. We now have Sprint as a nationwide sales program!

Sprint has continued to improve their service and coverage to heavily compete against the other cellular network providers in the United States. In fact, Sprint's network has earned awards from three of the top market research companies in the country. They also provide the best value plans to meet the needs of any family budget.

Adding Sprint to your current lineup of product and services has a big potential to increase your revenue and to establish a long-term business opportunity for years to come.


It's a direct-to-consumer sales program brought to you by RS&I and MCXXM. By partnering with us, you're able to sell Sprint directly to end consumers with all the best promotions and offers. Overall, there are four main reasons to become a Sprint Authorized Retailer:

  1. Big Commissions
    We know, everybody likes to promise a large earning potential, but Sprint truly pays well when you complete a sell. When you get in touch with us, you can get more information from one of our account executives.
  2. Low Liability
    Due to the nature of our partnership, it's a low risk venture. All you really need to focus on is sales.
  3. No Inventory
    No need to find a place to store or display a plethora of different phones. You can save your backroom or warehouse for other storage needs. Customers will be able to select the phone they want and have it sent directly to their home.
  4. Nationwide, Face-to-Face Selling
    You can go across the nation, if desired, to sell Sprint. Whether you choose to sell door-to-door, at events, or in a storefront, you'll be able to talk to your potential customers face-to-face and explain all the benefits of the Sprint Network.


It's probably much better than you suspect. We know in times past, Sprint has ranked lower against the competition, but they have recently received some excellent accolades that show how it's improved its network in recent years.

J.D. Power RecognitionJ.D. Power Recognition
Sprint finished in 2nd place, ahead of AT&T and T-Mobile in the 2017 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance. J.D. Power is constantly looking at customer satisfaction and Sprint continues to improve.


RootsMetrics AwardRootMetrics Award
Sprint is ranked in first or second place in over 30 markets, including Dallas, Las Vegas and Denver. It shows that even in metropolitan areas, Sprint is able to keep up the pace against the other network providers.


Nielsen_100x100Nielsen Recognition
As validated by Nielsen, Sprint is now within 1% of Verizon coverage for network reliability. It's such a close margin that customers can't even tell the difference most of the time.


As Sprint continues to develop its network and bolster its customer footprint, you'll continue to see strides in the right direction.


With the packages that Sprint offers, they are hands down the best price for unlimited cellular and data plans and they are available from coast to coast. Now that they have a stronger, more reliable network than ever before, customers get more coverage and better service. Our account executives can help you explore and understand the entire program and assist you in getting up and running.


As you consider Sprint, take some time to also learn about all of the authorized retailer programs we provide to thousands of small business in the United States. With DISH, HughesNet, Vivint, CenturyLink, Ooma, NuvoH2O and others, you'll find an exclusive combination of products and services that you really can't find anywhere else. RS&I is a master distributor and sales agent for these programs and we'll help you get set up with any variety of these retailer opportunities you desire.


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